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This looks like a great source for icons.

Rosie Sherry
Rosie Sherry@rosiesherry

Download, customize, and edit over 200k+ open source icons.

Super useful! Every possible icon you'll ever need. No more downloading zipped icon packs, splitting them up, resaving them, etc. Thanks Icon Buddy!

Rob Slate
Rob Slate@robslate

Amazing icons. Great work!

Jack Richardson
Jack Richardson@jackcallbird

Catch the site with 200,000 icons for every taste! Here you'll find a plethora of symbols for any website or app. There's even a built-in editor to craft your own personalized icons.


The best icon library by far.

Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas@robthomas007

🎉 Just discovered thanks to @mickaelbsd! Check out this awesome open-source icon library - it's super cool and highly customizable. Plus, they even have an API available too! 🚀 #webflow

Benoît Eveillard
Benoît Eveillard@Ben_Eveillard

This is fantastic! 🎉

Muhammad Muhsin
Muhammad Muhsin@muhsinlk

The best place to get icons 😉

Hosna Qasmei
Hosna Qasmei@hqasmei

I love everything about it! Such a clean and calm design and UX. Been using Heroicons for a long time due to how easy it is to simply grab an svg but there's a lot of icons missing so this is a game changer 💪

Dominik Sobe ツ
Dominik Sobe ツ@sobedominik

@mddanishyusuf this is great, so easy to access all the open source icons! the main ones I used was phospher and I can discover loads more, thanks!